Brand Voice

At Cynfully Soul Good, we are a small business making big flavors! We are joyful and excited about cooking, especially when the kitchen is full of laughter as we spend time with family and friends in the kitchen. Our communications always sound happy, welcoming and friendly. We enjoy sharing tips, recipes, and fact-based information to help people transform how they cook so it's a healthier version of their recipes, which will mean a healthier version of them!

About Us

Cynfully Soul Good (CSG) mission is to help promote healthier eating habits without compromising flavor and to encourage you to eat at home, because sharing a great meal with family and friends brings us together. We want you to enjoy savory flavors from our table to yours.

Our Founder started her Plant-Based journey after saving her life by transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle in 2017. The healthier eating habit helped eliminate unwanted health concerns with high cholesterol and pre-diabetes.

In 2019, we gave birth to CSG Ambrosian Delight cheez flavored bean-based queso. This sauce is made without nuts. Why? During a visit with adolescents of Divas DFW, Inc., one of the girls had an allergic reaction to a cheese sauce while trying to introduce them to Plant-Based food. This gave our Founder a “light bulb moment” to source a cheez flavored sauce that all of the girls could enjoy.

Our cheez sauce is made in small batches with no additives or preservatives. Whether you’re a carnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, plant-based or not, our cheezy bean queso is made for everyone. It’s just BEANS!

In 2021, we debuted our Organic spice blends, CSG Savory Garlic and CSG Smokey Chili. Our seasonings are low sodium or salt-free and made with only the finest ingredients.

The ultimate goal for creating this brand is to provide financial support to Divas DFW, Inc., a mentoring program for at-risk girls. Therefore a portion of our proceeds will help support the organization and the low income community at large.