Giving Back

Mission Statement

At Cynfully Soul Good, our mission is to transform traditional cooking into healthier versions of favorite recipes without having to sacrifice the rich and delicious flavors of Southern cuisine. We are committed to all-natural, organic ingredients, and products that are plant- based, low-sodium or salt-free – but that never means taste-free!

Vision Statement

Our Vision for Cynfully Soul Good is to transform lives, one delicious step at a time. We believe that the kitchen is the cornerstone of the home, and bringing people together to eat dishes that are delicious and flavorful doesn't mean they need to be unhealthy. We hope to be a resource of all things "kitchen" to help make your cooking experience a happy and healthy one.

Our Why

Cynfully was created to help families think outside the box with food and to be a financial support for Divas DFW, Inc., an organization that provides mentorship to at-risk youth and the community at large. We do this by donating a portion of our proceeds to the organization. Your donation will help us further our WHY!